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14 February 2009 @ 02:15 pm
Raw Kale Salad  
Soon I will post less healthy things, but Jessalyn's friends were in town recently and enlightened me to the beauty of raw kale salad. She added other things to it: grated carrot, sunflower seeds, etc, but it is also divine as simple as this (four large side salads):

2 bunches curly kale (torn into bite sized pieces, stems discarded, well-rinsed and mostly dry)
~3 tsp olive oil
~3 tsp fresh lemon juice
(i also added this time one clove of finely minced garlic, but it's still delicious without it)
sea salt to taste

In a large bowl, drizzle olive oil and lemon juice over kale. With very clean hands, massage the kale. Squish it, mix it up, don't be afraid to be a little aggressive with it--you want it to soften nicely. After about five minutes add the salt, massage a few more minutes, and it's ready.

And so, so, so delicious. I'm making it again tonight.